Missing, Dropped or Poor Quality Calls?
Questions & Answers How Least Cost Routing (LCR) is Affecting Rural Phone Service and How You Can Help


Sharon Telephone Company is located on the Wisconsin, Illinois border in Sharon, Wisconsin. We have been providing telephone service since May 1900 to customers in Sharon and surrounding rural areas.

In 1995 Sharon Telephone expanded to include the neighboring community of Darien, Wisconsin.

Sharon Telephone provides Local, Long Distance and High Speed Internet services.

An Important Reminder

Sharon Telephone will never ask for your password. We've been informed of a circulating email asking for that and other personal information from our customers and urge you not to respond to it.

High Speed Broadband Questions

Please call customer support at 1-866-569-9176.

Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments are now available.

ACH Payments Are Now Available

Sharon Telephone is now offering an automatic payment service. Please see the billing page for more details or contact the office for more details at 736-9981.