Long Distance Information

FCC regulations do not allow Sharon/Bergen Telephone Company to give preference to any carrier. We recommend that our customers call the carrier that they are interested in and compare pricing based on where you do your calling.

Many long distance carriers charge a surcharge per call unless you set up an account with them. PLEASE CALL the carrier of your choice to set up an account and choose a calling plane with them.

Some of the carriers are as follows:

Frontier Communications1-800-435-1504
Sprint1-800-877-4500 (Residential) 1-800-877-4020 (Business)
LDMI Communications1-800-374-5364
MCI Telecommunications1-800-444-3333
AT&T Communications1-800-222-0300
Excel Communications1-800-860-2255
Quest Communications1-800-860-2255
Global Communications1-800-482-4848
Sharon Independent Long Distance$.10 per minute for in & out of state, plus a $4.95 per month service charge OR A flat rate of $.15 per minute with no service charge

Call 736-9981 or 882-9981