Residential & Business High Speed Broadband Services

Residential Services

GoldUp to 5M$39.99
PlatinumUp to 10M$49.99
Basic Residential FiberUp to 225M$57.99
Supreme Residential FiberUp to 350M$99.99
VDSLUp to 100M$57.99

Business Services

Gold Business$74.99
Fiber Business$79.99
20X20 Fiber$499.99
50X50 Fiber$799.99

In home installation by qualified technicians
Appointments available Monday thru Friday
24/7 Tech Support based in Wisconsin 1-866-569-9176
Compatible with: Netflix, Hulu, Dish Network Sling Box, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii Online
Serving Sharon, Darien, Bergen, Fairfield and Allens Grove